Women We Serve

Currently, a woman must be sentenced by a judge to come to New Directions as an alternative to incarceration in order to qualify for residence. We are more than happy to speak with judges, private attorneys, public defenders, district attorneys, probation and parole officers, and any other members of the legal community regarding referrals.

New Directions’ programming is gender-responsive and designed around the understanding that most of the traumas our participants have experienced in life promoted the behaviors that caused them to wind up here. Many suffer from undiagnosed physical and mental problems that surface when they begin to receive treatment. Many are struggling with addictions, poverty, homelessness and all types of abuse–often having begun at a very young age.

Although troubles like these can seem insurmountable to residents when they begin to face them, we believe that through trauma-centered therapy and membership in a community encouraging personal growth these problems can be overcome. Our graduates will attest to that!

Please contact our office for more information about referrals at (215) 849-0930 or email our Intake Specialist, Shekima Murray.