Residential programming

Women in our residential program begin their New Directions journey by going through a 30-day in-house orientation period. During this time, our Intake Specialist prepares them for life here by reviewing and discussing with them the rules and regulations of our community. Staff also works with the new referrals to obtain identification and credentials so the women can receive necessary services, like access to mental health counseling, medications for chronic illness, etc. During this 30-day period, women participate in any classes or group meetings that are held inside our facility, but are not permitted (unless necessary for legal or health reasons) to leave the facility for outside services.

After the orientation period, women begin receiving the services they need that were mapped out in their Individualized Service Plan (ISP). Many services are delivered off-site by credentialed care providers. These services often include: soft skills training, addictions counseling (when applicable), mental health counseling, women’s health classes, parenting classes (over 90% of our current residents are mothers with living children) and support groups, GED/high school diploma training, literacy training, and/or job skills training.

All the while a woman is taking advantage of these services and working through issues like abuse, poverty, and other traumas that often contributed to her offending, our Program Coordinator is providing intensive case management. The homelike atmosphere we attempt to create is encouraged by staff’s openness and availability to discuss issues, both programmatic and personal with the residents as they arise. This allows us to address problems on a personal level and ensure necessary services are in place for each woman when she leaves our facility and reenters her community.

Immediate family (spouse, siblings, parents and children) are encouraged to visit their loved ones after a resident’s blackout period ends. They can choose from visiting hours on either Saturday or Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For information on residential programming, please email Stacey Skiffer, our Program Coordinator, or call our offices at (215) 849-0930.